Introduction: Sexual abuse is a common occurrence worldwide hence a global public health problem and particularly pervasive in the developing world. In every open social organization where there are boys, girls, men and women, there is likely to be interaction amongst them and such interaction could be positive or negative. This study was to determine sexual abuse among female undergraduates of Igbinedion University – Okada, Edo state with the aim of determining the level of Awareness, Perception, Prevalence & Consequences amongst the students.

Research Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional study design was adopted for this study. Stratified sampling technique using proportional allocation to select from the three female hostel with a final numbering selection using systematic sampling to select respondents was used for this study. A sample of 339 was adopted. A well-structured questionnaire was used.

Results: It was revealed that high proportion of the female 92% have heard about sexual and female gender were found to be most gender most affected (79%). Most of the female under study (70%) indicated that fondling/grabbling of sensitive body part/kissing is the common way through sexual abuse can occur. High proportion of female (63.3%) agreed that STI was the commonest consequences of sexual abuse. From the chi-square analysis, only proportion of respondent’ place of residence found to be significantly associated with current experience of sexual abuse among the subjects (X2 = 6.4108, p =0.011343).

Conclusion: The study revealed a high prevalence of sexual abuse among the female students and a sizable proportion of them experienced rape. There is an unmet need for interventions to facilitate reporting of sexual violence by victimized adolescents. Such interventions must address stigma, debunk myth, promote sexual education and ensure appropriate response of legal and social institutions to victims in order to restore public confidence.

Keywords: Awareness, Consequences, Perception, Prevalence, and Sexually Abuse.

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