A key aspect of a democratic society is the periodic change of government, which is accomplished through the electoral process. Secularly, there is a widely held belief that every man in a civil society has the right to vote and be voted for, and that this system is maintained by an election process. Needless to add, the electoral process in any society includes voter registration, identification of political parties, voting, vote counting, and announcement of election results. Nigeria is classified as a democratic country by all measures; no other method of transferring political power inside a democratic society, other than periodic elections, has been heard of or comes to mind. Elections have been the most acceptable method of changing political leadership, as evidenced by the fact of representation and the multiparty system. Elections came into being with the birth of democracy. The stringent enforcement and observance of fundamental human rights is a prerogative that government officials and agencies must uphold in every democratic civil society. As a corollary, every person has the right to vote and be voted for under his political and civil rights; hence, a democratic government, in furtherance of the path of basic human rights, organizes elections to assure a safe passage and turnover of power. It is evident that democracy and elections are inextricably linked; in fact, any process of changing leadership in which there is a difference in meaning and idea between such and the concept of elections falls short of being considered a democratic system. Election cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be attributed to any other form of leadership than democracy. However, Nigeria has had its fair share of electoral conflicts over the years, ranging from governorship elections to presidential elections to legislative house elections. While some problems arise before the election, others frequently arise after the election; these conflicts are always addressed by petitions, which are the sole means of starting actions in relation to electoral disputes.

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