1.1 Background of Study

Generally, there are different mains of power generation. Some of which include, Hydro-power generation, wind-turbine power generation, nuclear power generation, gas turbine power generation and solar power generation. Most of these power generating plants, they are of commercial use and this made it extremely expensive for private individuals to procure.

In the recent time, in other to make private individuals to be able to afford power generation for themselves and by themselves, engineers came up with what is known as small power generators which can be powered with either diesel, petrol or gas (especially for gas turbines). These generators come in various sizes and capacities depending upon their usage. Mostly, these generators are calibrated in Kilo-Volt-Ampere (KVA) and Mega-Watts when it comes to the aspect of big generators.

Due to the problems been encountered by these generators, especially during changing over from the commercial power supply on to generator and back to commercial power supply without affecting the load, this project “design and construction of an automatic change over system for generators” is embark upon to proffer a lasting solution to this problem of changing over.

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