Data security framework is one of the most testing issues in the present innovative world. So as to make sure about the transmission of mystery information over the open system, different plans have been introduced in the course of the most recent decade. Steganography joined with cryptography, can be probably the most ideal decision for tackling this issue. The wide spread utilization of web for correspondence has expanded the assaults to clients. Data stowing away is a rising examination region, which includes applications, for example, copyright insurance for computerized media, watermarking, fingerprinting, and steganography. Steganography is the most ideal method of concealing mystery message in harmless media (transporters, for example, text, picture, sound, video and convention (Zin and Phyo, 2015).

Among these various transporters, computerized picture is the most well-known spread article since huge measure of excess pieces are introduced in the advanced portrayal of a picture Morkel et al., (2002). Consequently, this work proposes secure data concealing framework in scrambled spread picture by utilizing the blend of steganography and cryptography. In light of utilizing scrambled spread picture, the aggressor can’t realize that whether mystery message is available inside encoded picture and they will notice to assault just the substance of encoded spread picture. Therefore, it can get high security for shrouded message.

There are numerous information concealing strategies for picture steganography. Among them, Least Significant Bit (LSB) inclusion is mainstream and basic strategy for installing data into spread picture (Moulin and Koetter, 2005). Then again, this paper plans to upgrade the security of shrouded message by improving the security of encoded spread picture. Blowfish encryption calculation as well as change calculation is successfully used to improve the security of spread picture. Be that as it may, as indicated by many examination regions, neither of change and encryption advances alone is secure against different assaults Shujun et al., (2004). Thus, a square based picture change calculation is upgraded to consolidate with Blowfish calculation in this data concealing framework. Also, execution examination is made by ascertaining the relationship and entropy estimation of scrambled pictures, to know the utilization of additional change procedure in picture encryption.

At present, the computerized data upheaval has gotten critical changes our general public and day by day schedules. In accordance with the transformation, Internet and remote system offer pervasive channels to convey and trade data. Subsequently, open data trade is made sure about by utilizing an encryption technique where a mystery information can be encoded to keep the substance from being caught. In any case, with the innovative progression of data security, most Internet clients don’t know that sending scrambled messages will cause pointless to notice pernicious dark caps, for example, wafers and programmers. This is on the grounds that the scrambled information shows up as a string of jabber information that may excite doubt. Additionally, there is a chance of illicit misuse endeavors to the weakness of the encoded messages because of interest and curiosity of a programmer. Accordingly, the mystery information which has been encoded could be unlawfully caught, unapproved altered or even harmed during information transmission Ademola (2019).


Steganography become more significant as more individuals join the new innovation upset. Steganography is the specialty of covering data in manners that forestall the discovery of concealed messages. Steganography contains a variety of mystery specialized strategies that will conceal the message from being seen or found. The objective of steganography is to maintain a strategic distance from the doubt to the presence of a concealed message. This methodology of data concealing strategy has as of late become significant in various application territories. Advanced sound, video, and pictures are progressively significantly with recognizing yet indistinct imprints, which may contain a shrouded notice or sequential number or even assistance to forestall unapproved duplicating legitimately. In this period, there are many hacking cases. Numerous enterprises, for example, bank, organization stress that all their own and industry information will be investigate by unapproved individuals. There are a portion of the strategies that utilized in steganography, for example, area devices or basic framework, for example, Least Significant Bit (LSB) addition and clamor control, change space that include control calculations and picture change, for example, discrete cosine change and wavelet change. Notwithstanding, there are a portion of the procedures that share the attribute of both of the picture and space instruments, for example, interwoven, design square encoding, spread range strategies and veiling.


The aim of this research work is to encrypt the data or hide the data using image steganography technique and to know that algorithms in the context of quality of concealing and to describe their functionality in data security.

The objectives of this study are:

  1. To produce a security level in hiding information based on steganography techniques.
  2. To learn the technique of hiding data using image steganography.
  • Testing the efficiency and accuracy of hiding the data (blowfish) algorithms that (are) used.
  1. To study the application of image steganography to facilitate secure communication in self-communication, one-to-one communication and one-to-many communication.
  2. To provide an overview of existing image steganography algorithms and discuss the strong and weak points offered by each of the algorithms.


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