Universal safety precautions practices are important, as any health care organization has a responsibility to protect its staff from potential danger and itself from loss of manpower or staff suffering from occupational hazards.       The essence of the study is to find out the knowledge and practice of universal safety precautions among health care workers in Igbinedion University Teaching hospital Okada, Edo State. The target population consists of selected health care workers which includes; the doctors 40, the nurses 50, and the medical laboratory scientists 10, in Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital (IUTH) Okada making 110 health workers. A descriptive survey was used. The calculated chi-square value for four degree of freedom is 9.49 at 0.05 level of significance, is lesser than the calculated chi-square value. Therefore, the null hypothesis of No statistical significant difference between the observed and expected frequency is refitted at 0.05 level of significance. This implies that there is no statistically significant difference in the area of practice of the health care workers and knowledge about concepts of universal safety precautions in Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, Okada, Edo State. However it was recommended that health care workers should  go for courses and attend seminars and workshops to up-grade their knowledge and practice of universal safely precaution in the care of patients.

Keywords: Knowledge, Practice, Universal Safety Precaution and Health Workers.

Word Count: 213

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